Quick Start

Add precompiled contracts to your project

To get started with the nitro contracts, we recommend you install the @statechannels/nitro-protocol package using your favourite node package manager:

> yarn add @statechannels/nitro-protocol

You can import precompiled contract artifacts into your project like this:

const {NitroAdjudicatorArtifact} = require('@statechannels/nitro-protocol').ContractArtifacts;

Deploy contract artifacts

We recommend that you deploy these artifacts to a local blockchain in order to connect and interact with them. Your deployment code might look something like this:

const {
} = require('@statechannels/nitro-protocol').ContractArtifacts;
const {GanacheDeployer} = require('@statechannels/devtools');
const deploy = async () => {
const deployer = new GanacheDeployer(Number(process.env.GANACHE_PORT));
const NITRO_ADJUDICATOR_ADDRESS = await deployer.deploy(NitroAdjudicatorArtifact);
const TRIVIAL_APP_ADDRESS = await deployer.deploy(TrivialAppArtifact);
return {
module.exports = {
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